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Driver’s licence

For short stays of less than 90 days, it is possible to rent and drive a car in Mozambique with an Italian driver’s licence. For Eswatini, this opportunity is granted for up to a maximum of six months. For long stays, since there is no reciprocal agreement with Italy regarding the conversion of driver’s licenses, it is necessary to contact the relevant local authorities (the Instituto Nacional de Viação for Mozambique and the Ministry of Transport for Eswatini ) for local driver’s license procedures.

Italian citizens residing in Botswana, Eswatini and Mozambique can apply to the consular office to request confirmation of the validity of their Italian driver’s licence, provided it has not expired for more than five years, and except in the cases provided for in art. 119, paragraphs 2-bis and 4 of the Highway Code (driver’s licenses of drivers suffering from diabetes or whose psychophysical suitability must be certified by specialmedical commissions). For the issue of the confirmation certificate, the interested parties must carry out the scheduled visit to verify the psychic and physical requirements at a medical office located near the Embassy. The medical certificate form can be downloaded from the Forms section.

Anyone who has renewed their driver’s license with the Embassy of Italy in Maputo is obliged, within six months of reacquiring residence in Italy, to renew the license according to the ordinary procedure set out in paragraph 8 of art. 126 of the Highway Code. This is required also in the event that the renewal made is still valid.

The confirmation certificate must be kept together with the driver’s licence. It will be required at the time of the medical examination to confirm validity in Italy. It will provide the examining doctor with proof of licence renewal abroad and absence of periods of ineligibility to drive.