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Services for the Italian citizen

Please select the required service from the list in the right column.


Description of the most frequent consular services

In order to facilitate the use of the services offered by the consular section of this Embassy to compatriots resident or temporarily present in Mozambique, the Kingdom of Eswatini and Botswana, as well as to foreign citizens resident there, the services requested most frequently are briefly described.

For further information and information on further services (such as notary, assistance, tax code, repatriation of remains or ashes, extension of driving license validity, ETD etc.) please consult the dedicated pages.

How to get in touch with the consular section

Access to consular services is regulated by the “Prenot@mi” appointment booking system so as to ensure that users are certain of the time and avoid waiting. Currently all consular services can be booked online.
Before booking an appointment, please carefully review the consular services listed in the right column. Please also specify the chosen service in the “Notes” field.

For information regarding specific consular procedures you can call the number 20606571, active every day from 12 to 13.

For general information on consular services please consult the pages listed in the right column.

ATTENTION: We inform all users that, for reasons related to technical systems and beyond our control, passports cannot under any circumstances be issued before a minimum of 3 days from the submission of the application. All users are invited to take the above into account when submitting the application to ensure an efficient service and avoid setbacks.

AIRE registration (free service)

Users who intend to reside abroad for more than 6 months are required to register with the AIRE (Registry of Italian Residents Abroad) through the consular offices territorially competent for the territory.
To register for AIRE, it is strongly recommended to use the FAST-IT application currently accessible via online registration. Please remember that in the future access will only be possible with SPID authentication.

In case of difficulty in accessing the website, the documentation can be sent by email. The required documentation is as follows:

  • completed and signed form;
  • identity document of each member of the family;
  • proof of residence. Among the documents accepted are: DIRE, rental contract, employment contract, user name registered in your name, long-stay visa, local driving license etc.
Passport (paid service)

The application for the issuance of the passport can be anticipated by e-mail in order to allow the citizen to go to the consular office only for the acquisition of fingerprints (not required up to 11 years of age included), the payment of the consular fee and the immediate release of the document, barring technical problems. The documentation is as follows:

  • duly completed and signed form;
  • two passport-size photographs (35×40 mm). Click to view photo requirements;
  • payment of the consular fee directly at the Embassy, preferably via POS in local currency (for amount and methods, see the table of consular fees);

In the presence of minor children it is always necessary to obtain the consent of the other parent (see form).
To issue a passport to minors it is necessary to obtain the consent of both parents (see form).

Transcription of civil status documents (free service)

For the transcription in Italy of birth, marriage and death certificates of Italian citizens issued by the competent Mozambican authorities it is necessary to deliver – even without presenting oneself in person – the following documentation:

  • request form;
  • for Mozambique: Original deed issued by the “Conservatoria do Registo Civil” of the Mozambican municipality; the deed must be legalized through the “Direcção Nacional dos Registos e Notariados” in Maputo and the “Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros e Cooperação”;
  • for Botswana and the Kingdom of Eswatini: Original deed accompanied by Apostille legalization affixed by the competent authorities;
  • translation of the deed. It is recommended to check the translation before handing it over to the consular office in order not to slow down processing times. The consular office will be responsible for certifying the conformity of the translation.
Lists of reference professionals for compatriots

Compatriots in the consular district of the Italian Embassy in Maputo can refer, for any needs, to the following list of medical, legal and translator professionals.

List of reference professionals for compatriots