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Emergency travel document.


Emergency travel document.

In emergency situations, for example in case of loss or theft of a passport in need of timely return to Italy, the Consular Office of the Embassy may issue an Emergency Travel Document (E.T.D.). The E.T.D. is valid only for the return journey to Italy or the country of habitual residence (only in exceptional cases can it be issued for a different destination), whose validity is limited to the time strictly necessary to reach the final destination of the journey.

In order to obtain the document, you must go to the Embassy with the following documentation:

  • 2 photographs (4x4 cm format, frontal, with white background);
  • other identity document such as identity card or driving licence (also in photocopy) or photocopy of stolen/lost passport. If absent, the consular office will have to make the appropriate identity checks before issuing the ETD.

It is advisable to report the theft or loss of the passport also to the local Police Authorities, in order to facilitate border transit.
It is strongly recommended to keep a photocopy of the most important documents (passport, identity card, credit card) in a different place from the one where the original documents are kept in order to facilitate assistance procedures in case of theft or loss.

The ETD may also be issued to citizens of other EU Member States subject to formal authorisation by the competent diplomatic-consular representation or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant's home country.