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International Adoption


International Adoption

Adoption by Italian couples living in Mozambique, Botswana or Eswatini

Italian citizens who have adopted a minor based on a decision of the competent authorities of Mozambique, Botswana or Eswatini may apply to the Juvenile Court of their place of last residence in Italy for recognition. They must prove that they have resided in Mozambique, Botswana or Eswatini for at least two years, at the time of the adoption decision by the local authorities.

The Juvenile Court, having verified that the child has been resident for at least two years and if the decision of the local authorities is in conformity with the principles of the Hague Convention of 1993, shall recognise the effects in Italy, ordering the transcription of the child's birth certificate in the civil status registry of the competent Italian Municipality. This will allow the adopted child to acquire Italian citizenship and to obtain an Italian passport at the Consular Office of the Embassy.

For further information please visit the website of the Commission for International Adoption.