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  • Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement
    With regard to the situation of the bilateral agreements, on November 17, 2003 the Agreement for the Promotion and Protection of Investments entered into force.
  • Agreement to avoid Double Taxation
  • The Agreement to avoid Double Taxation entered into force on 6 August 2004.
  • MOU on Political Cooperation (in force since 20.11.2006);
  • Agreement on exemption from entry visa for short stay in favor of diplomatic passport holders (in force since 27.4.2013);
  • Agreement for the Support Program for the Technical and Vocational Education System and Job Start-up in Mozambique, with annexes (in force since 13.3.2007);
  • Agreement on the status of Italian Personnel in the Territory and Territorial Waters of the Republic of Mozambique in the framework of Naval Cooperation Activities (in force since 19.3.2014);
  • Memorandum of Aeronautical Consultations (in force since 27.2.1979);
  • MoU for the implementation of the Cooperation Program in favor of the Faculty of Economics of the "Eduardo Mondlane" University of Maputo, with Technical Annex (in force since 22.11.2000);
  • Agreement on Development Cooperation with Executive Protocol (in force since 19.4.2000);
  • Debt Consolidation Agreement, with attached SACE tables (from 20.11.1998).